laptop quy nhon


1. Go to and download their extension for Chrome.
2. After downloading, extract the file
Restart your chrome browser
Open the Chrome browser and click the customization icon on the toolbar, click other tools and select extensions.
3. Make sure you enable developer mode.
4. Click on Load Unpacked
5. Go to the file named account Pool that you just unzipped.
Double click and click on Open File.
6. Now you need to see the extensions
7. Go to and search for "Free Netflix accounts cookies" and click on the first find.
8. Scroll down until you see COOKIES. COOKIES can be as many as 20 or more. Click on one of the COOKIES you will see.
9. Wait for the link to be ready and click "go to link".
10. Check the box "I'm not a robot then solve the captcha
11. Now you will see the COOKIES. For these to work, you must not be on VPN or Proxies.
Also disable your translator so that it doesn't distort them.
Then copy the COOKIES carefully.
12. Now click on the Accounts Pools extension icon and then click on "Accept and continue".
13. Then click on "use cookies" and you will be redirected to the netflix browse page.
14. And BOOOM, you've had your fill.
You might come across an account with Arabic script, in which case you'll have to change the Cookies and try again.

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