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Tutorials get free ITEMS from Best Buy, Walmart, Apple and Adidas 2020

1) First Alright so what you need to do is get Mail Access Accounts.
(you can use Woxy 3.0 or any other program you use for cracking)

2) Get HQ Mail access combo.
(you can buy combo or get it free if you know how to get HQ combos yourself)

3) When you have combos then start checking for Mail access accounts from Walmart, Best Buy or any site you want the free item.

4) When you get the accounts check for items that been purchased the past 30 days.

5) Login to the account from whatever site you got it from. Change the password to be safe.

6) Delete all messages if they ever send any messages about getting change.

7) Go to the chat section and use the refund technique from that site to get a replacement but you want to get it shipped to another address and put your drop location or your house.

8) You will get your Free Item.

This method you will need kind of luck because you need to find a account with items that been purchased in less then 30 days ago and it needs to be good item.

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